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RÅ is a young and creative architecture practice based in Oslo, Norway. We are working with a variety of projects and scales, from small interventions and private housing to public buildings.


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RÅ arkitektur is an Oslo based practice, established in 2017 by 

Gustav Jerlvall Jeppsson (MA Architecture, KADK, RMIT & RISD) and Sarita Poptani (MA Architecture, ARTS & RISD).


RÅ approaches each project as a unique opportunity, particularly to its context and purpose. Working over a diverse range of locations from inner urban areas to sensitive rural and archipelago environments, we explore how to make architecture that is generous, opportunistic, and connected to its specific physical as well as its social and cultural setting. Our built programs take on simple geometries and restrained materials, focusing on spatial conditions, clarity, and durability.


We are developing all phases of the project from early investigation to construction documentation and are interested in taking on a variety of projects concerning architecture and design.


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D2 Magazine, 2020

Bo Bedre Magazine 2020

Finnish Architectural Review 2020

Book Settlement, Ecology & Tectonics, Edited by Frans Drewniak, 2018

Exhibitions and events:

Lecture at 'Ion Mincu' University of Architecture and

Urbanism, Bucharest, 2021

Hurtigpraksis Oslo, 2020

Lecture at Akademisk Arkitektforening Copenhagen, 2018

Exhibition at Rigsdagsgården KADK x FN Verdensmål 2017

Lecture at COWI Denmark 2017

Exhibition Circular economy in Architecture, Copenhagen 2017


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924 555 726 mva

Office address: Myntgata 2, 0151 Oslo, Norway

Postal address: Fredrikke Qvams gate 3D, 0172 Oslo. Norway

Phone: +47 92034445




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